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The Schoox Academy API is restful. The sections below show how the methods are categorized in different groups. You can choose any category to go directly to any group of methods.

You get automatically an API Developer Key if you have any paid subscription plan for a corporate Academy that you can find in your Academy Administration Panel.

For questions contact our support team.


Server authentication is based on an API Key model. The developer must authenticate requests using a private academy key, along with the academy's ID.

The API Key can be found in the academy's settings page and the developer can generate a new one anytime needed.

You can use them by adding them as a request header eg. X-API-Key: schoox or in the query string of the URI. eg. ?apikey=schoox&acadId=226581108

http: codes

Available HTTP response codes include:

  • 200 OK : Resources retrieved successfully. Used on GET requests.
  • 201 Created : Resource created successfully. Used on POST requests.
  • 204 No Content : Resource updated successfully. Used on PUT & DELETE requests.
  • 400 Bad Request : Check that your URI and request body is well formed.
  • 401 Unauthorized : Check your API key or Academy ID.
  • 403 Forbidden : Simulated user has no access to the specific resources or is not a member of the academy.
  • 404 Not Found : Requested resource not found. Used on PUT & DELETE requests.